Battle Box Projects

On this page you will find the different projects I currently maintain, including up-to-date decklists. You can also find quick links to these projects on the side or bottom of each page.

Battle Box

My original Battle Box. The power level is mostly flat (think uncommons that would be a first or second pick in a draft). The box is best played with two players, although the box will accomodate up to five players.

Battle Box: Commander

Battle Box, Commander Style! The power level is high, and many familiar Commander staples are included. Special rules for the game setup ensure that the Battle Cruisers will start hitting the board almost immediately. Especially suited for 4 or 5 players, Commander enthusiasts will have a blast!

90s Nostalgia Battle Box

This project will take you back to the Magic the Gathering of the 90s. Play with sets from Unlimited up to Urza's Destiny and relive the games of yore.

Battle Box 101

The Battle Box 101 project is designed specifically for teaching new players the game. It includes evergreen mechanics and iconic cards and is a nice entry point into the wonderful world of Magic.

Battle Box Mini

Here you will find the cardlists of all mini Battle Boxes. Each mini Battle Box is 90-100 cards and covers one Magic set.

Fan Projects

On this page you will find links to Battle Box lists, made by Battle Box fans from around the world.