Mini Battle Box - Return to Ravnica / Gatecrash

Special Rules

I usually base these Mini Battle Boxes on the big fall/spring sets because the smaller sets are not deep enough to provide a good experience. The second Ravnica block was structured differently, with two separate big sets that were drafted alone, followed by a third set that kind of tied everything together. Regardless of how well that worked out in the drafting world, it is interesting enough that I wanted to try it in the Battle Box world. Both Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash are great for Battle Box, with core mechanics that are fun and mostly open-ended. So below are two separate lists for the Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash sets, followed by a 56-card Dragon's Maze add-on that I recommend using as glue (the hybrid works without it, but some mechanics do need some extra support to work in a bigger Battle Box). You can play either Mini Battle Box separately or throw them all together for a Maxi Mini Box experience. If you play the two sets together, choose one of the land sets to use and set the other land set aside.