Mini Battle Boxes are small (90-100 cards) which makes them portable. They are also centered around one Magic set, which makes them easier to build and gives them a unique flavor.

Project Basics
Being built around one specific Magic set gives each mini Battle Box a distinct flavor (more distinct than is otherwise customary in the Battle Box format), meaning games will have more diversity if you alternate between different mini Boxes. The narrow card pool available to build each Battle Box also forces you to include cards that you would otherwise not consider, further adding to the diversity between games. Lastly, the smaller size allows you to include mechanics that are more synergistic than you would be able to support in a 200+ card Box. If you want to read more on the background of Mini Battle Boxes, please read this article.

Mini Battle Boxes tend to follow the standard Battle Box rules and setup, unless otherwise specified in the Battle Box card list. Just click on one of the links below to see the cardlist for that specific Battle Box. As with my regular Battle Boxes, there are a few basic guidelines I keep myself to when building a mini Battle Box:
  • I use different colored sleeves for my deck, the land sets, tokens and any other distinct parts of the box. This helps finding everything quickly.
  • I design each mini Battle Box to fit into a common Commander deck box (which in my experience holds around 125 sleeved cards if you pack them tightly). This makes the mini Battle Boxes ideal to play outside my house.
  • All mini Battle Boxes are limited to one Magic set. This helps to give each mini Box a distinct identity and forces you to use cards you would otherwise not consider including.
  • I like tokens, so I always leave enough room in each box to include at least one of each token I need. If the tokens don't exist, I'll usually proxy them by making a color print. Look here if you're looking to make some good token proxies.

Current Mini Battle Boxes

Below are links to the cardlists of all current Mini Battle Boxes. Newer Magic sets are at the top, while older Magic sets are at the bottom. As time goes by, new boxes will be added to this list, so make sure to check back here every now and then.

Mini Battle Box: Ixalan
Mini Battle Box: Amonkhet
Mini Battle Box: Kaladesh
Mini Battle Box: Shadows over Innistrad
Mini Battle Box: Magic Origins
Mini Battle Box: Khans of Tarkir
Mini Battle Box: M13 Core Set
Mini Battle Box: Innistrad
Mini Battle Box: Zendikar
Mini Battle Box: Shards of Alara
Mini Battle Box: Time Spiral
Mini Battle Box: Ravnica: City of Guilds
Mini Battle Box: Champions of Kamigawa
Mini Battle Box: Invasion
Mini Battle Box: 3rd Edition (Revised)

Special Mini Battle Box Projects

Mini Battle Box: Unstable
Mini Battle Box: Commander 2016 Multiplayer Box
Mini Battle Box: Return to Ravnica / Gatecrash