buying instructions

I use cardmarket myself, and I highly recommend them if you live in the EU and regularly need to buy Magic cards.

At the moment, does not have the functionality to add a decklist through a direct link. However, it is easy to add a list of cards to your wants list yourself.

Just do the following:

  • Go to your account (or open one).
  • In the Magic environment, go to BUYING / MY WANTS.
  • Click on the “Add Deck List” option.

  • Just copy and paste the cards you need straight from
  • Don’t worry about copying headings and other elements, these will just be ignored by the interface.
  • Use the Shopping Wizard to find the best deal.

Full disclosure: If you register on through a link on our site, you will pay exactly the same but we may receive a little commission. This helps us provide you with great free content.