A Spectacle? A Riot? Or Maybe an Afterlife?

Guilds of Ravnica was great, but chances are you missed your favorite guild. Now the other 5 guilds get their time to shine. And shine they do!

The Return to Ravnica, Reprise Part IIb

It’s time to have another look at Ravnica. The Limited environment is great, which usually means good things for Battle Box.

Catching Up

Scanning over the sets we missed while we were away, I give you a quick scan of Battlebond, the new Global Series deck and Magic 2019. Buckle up.

A New Beginning

Introducing the new Battle Box website, with the Dominaria set review thrown in.

A Farewell to Small Sets

The mtgbattlebox.com Hour of Devastation set review.

Pharaoh Bolas

The mtgbattlebox.com Amonkhet set review

Partners in Shine

The mtgbattlebox.com Commander 2016 set review.

Podracers and Gizmo’s

The mtgbattlebox.com Kaladesh set review